How to remove tempered glass from a smartphone. How to glue the protective glass on the smartphone

  1. Safety glass: properties and features
  2. Cm glass: precautions
  3. How to remove the protective glass from iPhone 5S, 4S
  4. How to properly glue the protective glass on the smartphone
  5. Required materials and tools
  6. Step-by-step instruction
  7. Can I re-glue the protective glass on the phone
  8. 5. How to choose glass

The protective glass on the "apple" gadgets is designed to protect the devices from damage. Commonly used chemical composition rugged, protecting the display from chipping and scratching. Some users neglect such protection, but in vain. Safety glass for iPhone 6 and other gadgets can significantly extend the life of a mobile device.

In this article we will look at how to remove protective glass from iphone 5 and devices of other versions. Also pay attention to how to glue the protective glass on the iPhone. In addition, we will try to identify the advantages of this method of protecting the display over a conventional film.

How to change and how to glue the glass - read detailed instructions below.

Safety glass: properties and features

If you compare the two main ways to protect the display screen of the iPhone - glass and film - most of the criteria will be in favor of the first.

The advantages of glass coating are:

  • Increased strength with a small thickness of only 0.25 mm.
  • Existence of the oleophobic covering preventing manifestation of fingerprints on the display.
  • Sometimes - the presence of nanocoatings, giving increased surface smoothness.
  • Reliable fastening with the help of silicone elements that do not allow the coating to move, and preventing the formation of irregularities and bubbles.

Flexible glasses to protect the display of mobile gadgets can also have zalvtsovanny edges. This means that the edges have rounded shape therefore the coating is almost imperceptible. In addition, if the unit hit about something, the coating will not fall down. So if you are wondering what is the best protective glass - opt for an element with rounded edges.

Cm glass: precautions

Before you get started, you need to consider some rules. First, remember that the glass is adjacent to the display strongly enough, because it is very smooth. But the element is held not by glue, but by using electrostatic forces. Thus, two perfectly flat surfaces are in close contact with each other, and the glass cannot be removed by simply poking it with your finger. But to use for this purpose a household object, such as a knife, is also impossible, because there is a risk of damaging the screen or the body.

Silicone sucker in this situation also does not help out. If you glue this tool to the damaged surface, a void will form under it, and it will slide off when pressed.

And if the mount is good, the suction cup will not go anywhere, but there will be another problem. The fact is that the sensor is mounted on the body of the gadget with either glue or adhesive tape. The strength of these substances in terms of rupture is much lower than that of glass or touchscreen. Therefore, strong pressure can lead to the complete disruption of the display module and damage to its loops. It is necessary to work here carefully and carefully.

How to remove the protective glass from iPhone 5S, 4S

Even taking into account the fact that the period of use of protective glass is longer than that of films, it also sometimes needs to be changed. The glass is on a silicone substrate, so it is firmly attached to the display. To remove it will require a certain skill.

Before removing the protective element, you need to carefully prepare and purchase some tools and materials, namely:

  • Spatula (or thin plastic card), pick.
  • Silicone suction cup.
  • Lint-free napkin.
  • Glass cleaner, which must contain alcohol.
  • Gloves.

Sometimes it happens that all the above tools and materials come with a new protective glass. But it happens quite rarely.

And the glass removal algorithm itself includes the following steps:

1 You need to wash your hands well with soap and water before starting work, and then dry them. You can not do this, but simply wear gloves. This is necessary so that there are no fingerprints on the display or there are no stains. 2 If the glass is damaged, you need to choose the area that is best preserved, and in which there are no chips. In this place you need to attach the suction cup, tightly pressing it. 3 In the angle to which the sucker is attached, you need to attach a mediator or paddle, and pry it. The edge of the coating should peel off. To this end, it will take a little to pull the suction cup toward you, but not much. That the screen did not break. So we reach the goal, so that a small distance between the screen and the glass is formed. But if you didn’t have a sucker, just enter the mediator deeper. 4 In the course of glass detachment, deepen the instrument. And if the display is large, you can use 2 mediator or spatula for the procedure, pushing them in different directions. 5 And the last step - we suck the suction cup over so that the glass is completely removed from the screen. In this case, you can grab its edges with your fingers and do the same.

The protective glass on the apple gadgets is designed to protect the devices from damage

How to stick the glass on the iPhone 6 and other devices

To make everything go perfectly, you need to stick the glass in a clean room where there is no dust. Before sticking the glass, you need to take a lint-free napkin or a simple cloth, slightly wet the display with a cleaning agent or alcohol. This is necessary to clean the surface and remove fat from it.

The gluing procedure is as follows:

1 New is taken into the hands protective covering for display. As with the removal, the hands should be clean and dry. Or you must wear gloves. 2 Remove the protective film covering the sticky surface. To do this, pick it up by the tongue and pull. 3 And how to glue the element itself? Glass should be kept as close as possible to the display of the iPhone, so that small particles of debris or dust do not fall on it. After all, any surface has the ability to quickly accumulate dust. 4 A few millimeters from the display to place the coating of glass, align and center it. When sticking you need to act carefully and carefully to ensure that all the holes for the keys, the speaker and other elements coincide. 5 Next, the protective glass on the iPhone 5 goes down closer to the screen. Slightly pressing and smoothing movements level the surface. So easily we could glue the glass to the display. 6 The surface is wiped with a dry cloth. 7 Removed from the top glued element that protected the glass.

If at the end of the procedure under the protective element you see small particles of dust, you can unstick some of the glass and blow it out with a vacuum cleaner or remove it with tweezers. Then you need to re-glue the item back. How to glue the glass, you already know.

Now you know how to stick a protective glass on the iPhone. In this procedure, there is nothing difficult, to replace the glass on the iPhone 5S easier than ever. Glue the protective glass on the iPhone must be carefully prepared. And the main thing here is to keep clean in everything.

What is better - glass or film?

The answer is obvious - of course, it is better to make a choice in favor of glass protection. But it’s not just shock-resistant properties, but also durability. It is worth noting that the glass on iPhone 4 or another version of the gadget is twice as expensive as conventional film.

So the final choice - for the user. Think for yourself - which is better - to pay more expensive, but in the future to avoid costly repair of the device or save now, but then put a lot of money. Replacing the screen - one of the most expensive types of repair "apple" gadgets. But, on the other hand, the film also can not be called a bad option.

In summary, the summary will be as follows. The film is available at a price. It protects the display from minor scratches , removes glare and covers the screen entirely. Do I need a protective film for the iPhone screen, given its characteristics? Of course, yes. Moreover, the cost of its low, and how to stick the film - even more simple task than in the case of glass.

Glass is an expensive option. It gives glare, but transmits light to the maximum, and also reliably protects from strong falls and deep cracks. And if you find a way to save money on the iPhone, you will not be satisfied with cheap protection options. In any case, knowing how to save up for an expensive device, you can find funds for good accessories for iPhone 6S or another device.

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The screen of any gadget for communication needs protection. Even if you have purchased the latest model of iPhone, then do not neglect the opportunity to install additional film on the display. This will prolong the life of the phone, allowing it to look attractive longer. Mechanical damage such as scratches, bumps will not be terrible if you know how to stick a protective glass on the phone. The task is not easy, but if you follow the instructions, you can do it at home without help .

How to properly glue the protective glass on the smartphone

For a beginner, the procedure may seem complicated, but a few trainings will make you a real specialist. It should be noted that there is no significant difference in whether we glue the protective glass on iPhone 5, other models of phones or tablet. The procedure is the same. An inexperienced person is better to start from the back of the gadget, and then go to the screen.

Required materials and tools

If you have just purchased a smartphone, then it is important to understand how to put protective glass on the phone. The display of the device is very sensitive to mechanical damage. Being just in your pocket, the gadget is damaged by coins, fingernails or keys. Even minimal scratches can cause blistering during sticking. The same applies to situations where you just want to replace the old phone protection.

For the procedure you will need:

  • alcohol wipe;
  • dry cloth;
  • special liquid for cleaning TV screens or computers;
  • adhesive tape or dust collector;
  • glass.

alcohol wipe;   dry cloth;   special liquid for cleaning TV screens or computers;   adhesive tape or dust collector;   glass

Step-by-step instruction

Important point considered the preparation of the workplace. Choose a room with a minimum of dust. Best suited kitchen or bathroom. In the bedroom there are too many textiles that attract particles to themselves. Such a moment impedes the correct process and may complicate the procedure. If you do not know how to glue the protective glass on the phone, follow the steps:

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water, then place the protective glass for iPhone 6 or another phone on a clean, smooth surface.
  2. Before starting the procedure, remove the old film from the device. To do this, slightly pull the edge at an angle of 60 degrees.
  3. Use an alcohol wipe or cloth with a cleaner to remove contamination from the phone screen. This tool is sold in hardware stores or done independently. To do this, you need to mix 5: 1 water and alcohol, add a little gel for dishes there.
  4. We rub the display to shine. If there are dust particles, then we pass over the surface with scotch tape or dust collector.
  5. We take the device out of the package and remove the film from it.
  6. Install the protection so that it matches the central button of the gadget and the speakers.
  7. Slide your finger in the center from top to bottom to secure the patch surface.
  8. The remaining air is expelled from the center to the edges with a credit card or spatula, which is often included.

Do not push too hard on the screen to remove small air bubbles. They will disappear themselves within a few days after the procedure. As a result, you should get a smooth, perfectly even screen cover. Although the tempered glass on the phone has a thickness of only 0.18 mm, it perfectly protects the device from mechanical damage .

Can I re-glue the protective glass on the phone

Quality surfaces for iPhone 5s and other models of the gadget can be reused. To do this, carefully remove the glass and process the sticky side with ant alcohol. Lightly wipe it with a cloth moistened with such a liquid, and allow a little time to drain. Then install protection in accordance with the speaker and button. Lightly move from the center to the edges expel air and liquid. Small bubbles will disappear themselves in a day.

It is best to stick protection immediately after purchase. Then the smartphone will last a long time, and you will not have to worry about scratches and chips.

Protective glasses are made for all models and brands of smartphones with a touchscreen: from Sony before Samsung . Moreover, manufacturers claim that the glass protects the screen much better than the film.

It is heavier, it is a little harder to glue, but it provides complete protection from mechanical damage. Glasses differ in price and performance.

To choose the right, it is enough to pay attention to the coating - glossy or matte. Matte surface does not glare, but also costs more.

The thickness of the protective glass can vary from 0.2 to 0.3 mm.

3 mm

Fig. №1. Samsung phone and protective glass on it

It consists of five main layers:

  • Silicone layer. Thanks to this layer the glass is glued to the screen.
  • Retaining layer Needed with a strong shock. Even if the display is broken, the protective glass will not allow it to scatter.
  • Antiblock layer. It prevents the display from fading.
  • Protective, hardest layer. It was he who protects against scratches, scuffs and chips.
  • Oleophobic layer - the top. It is water resistant. Prints from the top layer are easily removed with a regular cloth.

The first thing you need to see what is in the box with glass. Ideal if there are alcohol napkin, microfiber cloth and well-packed glass. In the case when something is missing, you should first find necessary tools , and only then proceed to gluing.

  • First step. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap. Otherwise, the display will appear grease stains . Then remove the old film or old glass. To quickly remove the film, just pick it up by the corner and easy to pull. To make it easier to work, it is better to remove the cover from the phone.

Tip! Prepare in advance workplace . Free up free space and customize good light . If the lighting is insufficient, you can skip stains or dust.

  • The second step. Screen preparation. Throw away the old film or glass. Then you need to degrease the surface. An alcohol wipe is excellent for this (see Fig.№3). If it is not, you can soak a cotton pad in alcohol. If not, and it will do. plain fabric and perfume or cologne. It is important to carefully process the screen, leaving no fat mark or divorce. With poor processing, the glass often gets unstuck and you have to reinstall it.

With poor processing, the glass often gets unstuck and you have to reinstall it

Fig. №7. Removing the protective glass

To remove and reinstall the glass, you just need to repeat the entire above algorithm. Manufacturers claim that the glass can be removed and installed several times, but it is better to try to properly stick it the first time.

5. How to choose glass

In order to properly glue the protective glass, it is important to know which one is right for your phone.

Here are tips that will help you with this:

  • The thickness of the glass should not be too large or too small. In the first case, it is worth remembering that the thickness in no way affects the strength and resistance to scratches. In addition, on thick glass, as practice shows, fingerprints of greasy fingers easily remain and it is more difficult to wash them. The optimum thickness, according to experts, is from 0.2 to 0.35 mm.

This is interesting: On most sites they write that the thickness of the glass is bad for its flexibility. But, let me, why the protective glass on the phone flexibility? The phone does not bend! On the contrary, it is better that the glass does not bend and, thereby, better held the phone. Another thing is that the thickness is not associated with strength.

  • Buy glass exclusively for your phone model. On the forums you can find information that such products can allegedly be cut, cut or otherwise modified. So, this is not true! The manufacturer at the time of manufacturing takes into account where the phone has speakers, a flashlight, a flash, a front camera and other elements. You can’t make corresponding holes manually, because in this case you simply break the glass and you will need to throw it away.
  • Optimum strength is 9H according to experts. Can be a little less or a little more. Interestingly, if the glass is more durable, then the impact with the butt end will be inevitable. On the other hand, less durability will not provide sufficient protection when falling on the front side.
  • When you buy, attach the glass to the phone and see if the picture is distorted. If it is distorted, you should not buy it. Also pay attention to the butt. If somewhere you will see shades yellow color Over time, they will become more visible and, again, it is better to look for another model.

If somewhere you will see shades   yellow color   Over time, they will become more visible and, again, it is better to look for another model

  • Be sure to read the reviews. In this regard, it is better to buy similar products on the Internet, because thanks to this you can read what other people write about this or that model. But even if you go to a regular store, still bring your smartphone with you and surf the Internet to read the reviews.

These basic tips will help you choose the best protective glass.

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