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Daytime Running Lights - It is an integral part of every car that is used constantly and must be in excellent condition. But, like other elements or devices, over time DRLs can cause problems that need to be urgently fixed. The most common problems with DRLs are burnout of the LED, that is, a light bulb that provides a glow. This is more exposed to cheap Chinese DRL, although the German high-quality models can also face such a nuisance.

Therefore, in order not to throw out the device, you need to know how to repair the DRL, or rather, how to replace the running lights lamp. The process of updating the daytime lights takes place in 3 stages: opening, repair and assembly .

Autopsy DRL

In order to open the DRL modules themselves, you must immediately remove them from the car. This can be done only when you remove the DRL from the car. It is necessary to disassemble the bumper, and then they are easily removed. After carefully removing the glass, some can be removed easily, because the sealant does not hold well, and for other models it may even be necessary to use an industrial hairdryer to soften it. After that, it is necessary to remove the board from the DRL case on which the diodes are attached.

DRL Repair

After the modules have been dismantled and opened, the repair of daytime running lights can be started directly. The first step you can make is to clean the case and the device boards by removing the sealant. Next, you need to accurately determine the LEDs that need to be replaced. For this, three AAA batteries are connected to each lamp. Some diodes may not be single-chip, but two-chip, so if one of them does not burn, it means that it can be replaced. After identifying blown lamps, you can begin to replace them.

It is worth noting that the LEDs that are replaced are called emitters and you can buy them on any radio market, where, besides, you should buy thermal paste. Remove the old diodes and solder new emitters in their place. Also, since the flashlight module has been disassembled, you can sand the surface of the case, if, of course, it is grainy. Such a process will provide better contact of the diodes, and, accordingly, a more stable glow. Then apply a high-quality thermal grease.

Then apply a high-quality thermal grease

Build DRL

After the thermal grease has been applied to the case, you can install the board, and, you need to press it well, in order to eliminate peeling off. You can move it a little to evenly distribute the thermal grease on the surface of the housing and the board. It is worth noting that if your DRL If there are special holes for screws, it is better to fix the board with them. Since you have applied a new thermal grease, the LEDs will cool better and faster, and accordingly in the near future the problem of disassembling and replacing the lamps will not bother you. Now it is necessary to plant the glass on the same sealant and tighten with screws, if any. In the groove, which is located around the perimeter of the module, it is necessary to place a large layer of sealant in order to prevent the passage of moisture or dust in the future. Also, for security, you can make and seal the wires on the case, since you disassembled the module and removed it from the car. After the sealant dries, you can put your updated module back. On this repair running lights completed. Check the performance of the DRL and enjoy high-quality light and safety on the road.